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Class 16 & 17 Remote Learning Timetables February 2021

More Useful Links 

Have a look at the links below which are great for Independent Learning time. There are lots to explore and even more further down this page from even earlier in the year! (Anchor Education)


Newspaper Reports with Mr Wilson

Still image for this video
Write a newspaper report about diving giraffes with Mr Wilson.

High Diving Giraffes

Watch this video and write a newspaper article reporting on what you have witnessed. Use Purple Mash and find Blank Newspaper 2 in your 2Dos.

Whole Class Summer Music Challenge! 10th July 2020

Make a 3D mug with wrap-around text.

Still image for this video
Mr Wilson builds a 3D mug with wrap-around text.

Long Multiplication.mp4

Still image for this video Mr Wilson builds a house

Still image for this video
Mr Wilson builds a 3D house using This house can be saved and printed using the school 3D printer.

Relative Clauses

Still image for this video
Mr Wilson looks at relative clauses. Grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper and follow along!

The Relative Clause Song

A lyrics video for Anchor Creative Education's RELATIVE CLAUSE SONG to sing along with for free!

Column Multiplication (Short).mp4

Still image for this video
Mr Faulkner tries his hand at some short multiplication. Tune in and have a go. 

Fronted Adverbials with Mr Wilson

Still image for this video
Mr Wilson does some work on fronted adverbials!

Grab yourself a piece of paper and work alongside me.

See if you can spot my "deliberate" mistake at 3:20! 🤔

The Fronted Adverbials Song 2019

Fronted Adverbials Writing Prompt

Maths of the week - 29/06/20

Take a look at the following resources. There is a range of challenge for you all to have a go at! 

Column Addition.mp4

Still image for this video
Mr Faulkner has a go at Column Addition (Note this is a quick trial - hopefully more videos to follow). Do I really sound like that!?

Year 6 Independent Maths and English Workbook 1

Calculating Time in Football


Please find below, links to two additional Garage Band tutorials by John Oates for you to use with your pupils in conjunction with the updated guide sheet which now covers the tutorials for Y3 – Y6. (See Garage Band Offer Year 3 to 6 guide sheet below). 


Garage Band: Year 5


[Garage%20Band%20Year]Garage Band Year 6:




Please follow this link to lessons for all year groups from Reception to Year 6:

Headstart Maths Booklets

Welcome to Year 6!
Mr Faulkner (Class 16) and Mr Wilson (Class 17)

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Yandell


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your teachers know! 

Purple Mash


Hope you are all well. Please remember there are a whole host of games/activities/learning to access on Purple Mash. It's a great site that could keep you occupied for hours! Remember to save your work so we can see how you've been getting on! 

VE Day - Friday 8th May 2020

75 Year Celebration


"When VE Day dawns on 8th May 2020 it will be 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. Years of carnage and destruction had come to an end and millions of people took to the streets and pubs to celebrate peace, mourn their loved – ones and to hope for the future, but not forgetting those still in conflict until 15th August when it was announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally to the Allies, effectively ending World War II."


Please see below for a range of websites, resources and other documents relating to this weekends celebrations and remembrance.

3D Printing Update


Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.


I thought I'd share with you what the school 3D printer has been doing during lockdown.


I have been working with a group called St Helens COVID mask makers and we've been producing 3D printed masks for frontline/key workers. Lots of these masks have been created and delivered to local places that need protection such as: hospitals, doctors' surgeries and care homes.


Here's the printer in action!



Once the print is made an acetate sheet is attached.



Keep safe, stay active, stay home and be good for your folks! I hope to see you all soon. I missing you all! 

Mr W smiley



The year 6 blogs are back up and running again. They are safe and secure and you'll need to login to access the platform in order to see them.


Your profiles are set up. Your username is the first 3 letters of your first name, then a full stop, followed by the first 3 letters of your surname. (e.g. If my name was John Smith my username would be joh.smi).


Your password is your first name (with a capital letter) and your date of birth.  (e.g. John030609). Please ensure you keep this information private.


As always, your blogs will be monitored by admin before having them published. Hopefully this will be a safe and meaningful way to keep in touch with each other over these difficult times.

If your child has sensory Special Needs, you may find the link below, useful.

Home Learning during School closure: Lots of links in one document - Click on the link below

Why not have a look at some of these websites to help with your Maths and English?


Active Learn and Bug Club

BBC Bitesize 

Times tables

Top Marks

Purple Mash 

Maths and English 

Whilst the Government have said that there will not now be SATs tests for Y6 this year, due to the Corona Virus, this is still an important year for Year 6 pupils, as we need to be well prepared for the next step into year 7, in September. So we DO need to continue to study, at the level we have been, and consolidate and embed facts, especially in mathematics and English but also in other areas of the curriculum.  


Generally, we need to practise what we have learnt in previous years, but we also need to work hard on new learning too - such as the properties of circles and Algebra in Mathematics, and the use of colons and semi-colons to demarcate independent clauses in English. These are topics we need to study, whilst away from school during this crisis. 




Our History topic this term is World War 2. We will be asking the question "The Blitz: All we need to know about World War 2?". 


We studied the Second World War back in Year 4 but are excited to look at it again in more detail this year. We will be focusing on studying: 


  • The role of women during the War.
  • The Geo-Politics of the War. 
  • The impact the War had on children - both those that were evacuated and those that weren't as fortunate. 
  • The impact of the War on Widnes and surrounding locaility. 


What facts can you tell us about the war? 


Image result for ww2 ks2



For Science, we are learning about the Human Body - in particular the systems of the body. This ties in extremely well with our English topic "Blood!"


We will be looking closely at the roles of the Circulatory System and Digestive System in keeping us alive. 


Image result for human body ks2

Home Learning Computing Goals



Why not remind yourselves how to model 3D designs? Use the link below to use Tinkercad.


You will need to ask an adult to help you to set up an account if you don't already have one.




Computing Vocabulary