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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Mr Faulkner (Class 16) and Mr Wilson (Class 17)

Our Teaching Assistants is Mrs Yandell


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Maths and English 

This year is a very important year for us as we will be completing our SATs in May. This year, SATs week is w/c 13-05-2019. 


For our Maths and English lessons we will be preparing as best we can for these upcoming assessments. Generally, we will spend the year revising what we have learn't in previous years but also know we need to work hard to learn some new information too - such as the properties of circles and Algebra in Maths and the use of colons and semi-colons to demarcate independent clauses in English. 




Our History topic this term is World War 2. We will be asking the question "The Blitz: All we need to know about World War 2?". 


We studied the Second World War back in Year 4 but are excited to look at it again in more detail this year. We will be focusing on studying: 

  • The role of women during the War.
  • The Geo-Politics of the War. 
  • The impact the War had on children - both those that were evacuated and those that weren't as fortunate. 
  • The impact of the War on Widnes and surrounding locaility. 


What facts can you tell us about the war? 


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For Science, we are learning about the Human Body - in particular the systems of the body. This ties in extremely well with our English topic "Blood!"


We will be looking closely at the roles of the Circulatory System and Digestive System in keeping us alive. 


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