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Year 5

Class 14 Shadow Nativity

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We devised, performed and recorded our own version of The Nativity. We even made our own costumes out of things we could find around school.

Music Credit: O Holy Night by The Pentatonix

Collaborative Writing in Class 15

To celebrate England getting into the final of Euro 2020, we wrote a description, as a class, of what we imagine scenes will be like around our town if we win. We also recorded it for you. Can you tell we are excited? You can read it below and listen above!.

Widnes takes a deep breath. Walker bags a beautiful cross to Sterling. It’s cold, quiet, late. Harry Kane looks ready to win The Golden Boot. COME ON, GET IT IN!!!! Raheem has sweat dripping from his face as he launches into a satisfying header. It’s tense. Kane takes it into the box with a beautiful finish. Silence. Then ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAARRRRRRRRRRR. They are running with their tops over their heads. IT’S COMING HOME the crowd screams. There’s beer and pizza flying everywhere as sweaty, topless men hug on telly and in homes all over the town. The world goes bonkers, lad. It’s like a storm of voices coming to attack. Boris Johnson drops his poshcorn and it rolls, forgotten, on the floor, “IT’S COMING HOME!”. Mrs Khan does the worm. The lads in the Ditton Deli scream with half a sausage sandwich in their mouths, ‘COME ON BOYS, LET’S CELEBRATE IN THE PUB INSTEAD!”. Drinks fly in the air on Queens Ave and a small Italian girl weeps on telly. Mrs Warby grins into her take-away, holding her gin in the air. The £1 fish guy drops his fish. Derek Twigg roars like a gorilla, beats his chest in victory and calls everyone he knows, whilst in in town, Mr Faulkner jumps, hits his head on the roof and faints. Children are running around their front gardens screaming ‘It’s coming home!’, because it is.
They’ve done it.

Timetables for Google Meet 11.01.2021

Welcome to Year 5


Our team is: 

Teachers: Class 14 - Miss Higgins and Class 15 - Mrs Warburton. 

Our teaching assistant is Miss Lawton.


Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing you during the Remote Learning that we will be providing this week. Have a look at the timetable for your class above to see what you will be doing on each day. Some lessons will be on Google Classroom and the school website for you to access; others will be available live on Google Meet. You can ask us any questions on Google Classroom if you are unsure. We have included a handy guide of how to get on to Google Meet and Google classroom, just in case you are not sure. We can't wait to hear all about what you have been up to and see the fantastic work you produce. 



  • Forest School will take place on a Tuesday afternoon for Miss Higgins class. 
  • P.E. will take place on a Tuesday for Mrs. Warburton's class. 



  • Homework (Mathematics and English) will be given out every Monday, to be returned on Friday. You can help your child at home by hearing them read daily and helping them to learn their times tables.
  • Reading books will be collected on a Friday and changed the following Monday to comply with COVID policy. 





All children have access to TTRockstars, where they can really brush up on their times tables skills, during this time. Doing this will really help ALL children, not only to know their tables, but to be able to use multiplication in other areas of the curriculum, and for daily life. The children also have access to the online Activelearn maths games which have been designated by their class teachers.  You could do some baking, getting your child to do everything e.g. weighing, getting the utensils, mixing, and then ask them to write up the recipe and method (the way they did it). 


UPDATE: 08 April

NumBots is entirely pupil-led, easily accessible for pupils to play from home via the free app or browser and allows teachers to follow and praise progress:


UPDATE: 26 March

Third Space Learning provides excellent resources that are well worth a look!



Your child will have their School reading book, and they can also read online, at Bugclub, which all children have a log in for. Bugclub has comprehension questions built in, so this is a fantastic resource, with a wide selection of current, exciting books. This is an opportunity for your child to really settle down and read a good book, in peace and quiet, (to give you some of the same, also!) and also to read with parents/carers for 10 minutes per day.



In writing, we will be looking at poetry from Charles Causley and Michael Rosen. We will enjoy and discuss different poems, giving our own reasons for preferences. We will be writing a whole-class poem, evaluating and editing as we go. We will also be writing a nonsense-writing poem and a free verse poem to read aloud. 



Children will receive weekly spellings to learn at home, which will also be taught in school. It is important that children practise their spellings daily. 





In Science, we are looking at materials and their properties. The children will be looking at classifying different materials and which properties would be useful for different uses. 


History and Geography

In History this half term, we will be learning about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. We will also be improving our historical enquiry skills. 

In Geography, we  will be looking at changes in our local environment. 


Art and Design Technology

In Art, we will be looking at designing spaces for a specific purpose. In Design Technology, we will be building bridges and testing their strength. We will also be making electronic greetings cards. 




In Music, the children will be learning to play a brass or woodwind instrument with specialist tutors from Soundstart.


Modern Foreign Languages

In French, we will be looking at the topics "My School" and "In the City". 



In computing, we will be looking at designing a room using computer software. 


Whole Class Summer Music Challenge! 10th July 2020


Please find below, links to two additional Garage Band tutorials by John Oates for you to use with your pupils in conjunction with the updated guide sheet which now covers the tutorials for Y3 – Y6. (See Garage Band Offer Year 3 to 6 guide sheet below). 


Garage Band: Year 5


[Garage%20Band%20Year]Garage Band Year 6:



Please follow this link to lessons for all year groups from Reception to Year 6:

Maths Challenges (Added 08.06.2020)

English Work (Added 31st May)

Extracts from some fabulous books for 9-11 year old children read by famous authors

New resources 20th May



Have you got what it takes to earn a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title?

Guinness World Records has created a new title - Highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ in one minute - and we are looking for players to aim for this special accolade. All you have to do is submit a video of yourself playing a Studio game with the highest score in the world by 23:59 on 4th June 2020.

For more info, visit this site:


This is something I think you can all have a go at! Get a parent/guardian to read the specific criteria to you so that your entry is valid. Even if you come nowhere near a world record, practicing your times tables will never be a waste of time!

New resources 18th May

While you're at home: Police Message (5th May)

If your child has sensory Special Needs, you may find the link below, useful.

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack - Linked to BBC Bitesize work (Added 20.04.2020)

Purple Mash weekly activities

Week 2 English Lessons (Corona absence)

Websites Providing Daily Maths Lessons

& Tasks

PowerPoint and work to support children in adding mentally using rounding (25th March)

Home Learning Computing Goals

Computing Vocabulary

Below are some useful links which we use regularly in class.

Religious Education
Relationships, Sex Education, Health Eduction (R.S.H.E.)