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Hi Year 3!

Mrs Warburton here!



I’m delivering your Google Meet lessons until the summer. If you haven’t joined us yet – and LOTS of you have – please come and say hello! It’s lots of fun and great to see all your faces. Google Meet is the best way to get learning whilst at home, and even though I’ll be posting lots of activities on Purple Mash, Activelearn, and TT Rockstars, you’ll definitely understand more if you come to the sessions.

 We have Maths and English everyday, as well as some topic lessons in the afternoon and a story on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  We are reading a whole chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone each time, so bring you cushions, blankets and snacks, get comfy and enjoy!

Every Friday, We’ll be doing a Kahoot Quiz about what we’ve learned that week in each subject, which is a really fun way to show off how much we’ve come on. If you miss the Friday Kahoot session, I’ll post the link on here for you to be able to access it until the following Friday.   I’ll also be posting a new timetable of lessons for you to come and enjoy with friends – whether that’s on a tablet, laptop, phone, or anything else! Just bring yourself, a piece of paper and pencil.

If any of you aren’t sure, or think you might be shy, don’t worry – we all felt like that at first! Even me! If you would like me to give you or your parents a call about how to get you joined in, ask them to ring the School Office and I’ll do my best to help.


Hope to see you soon for more quizzes, games and jokes,


Mrs Warburton


Whole Class Summer Music Challenge! 10th July 2020

GOOGLE MEET TIMETABLE wb 13.07.2020 (Week 4)


Spelling work for 10.07.2020

GOOGLE MEET Maths 9.7.2020 Subtracting 3 digit numbers using the expanded column method

Maths GOOGLE MEET 8.7.2020 - adding 3 3 digit numbers using the compact column method

How to login to YUMU

GOOGLE MEET MATHS 7.7.2020 Addition of 3 digit numbers

Tuesday 30.6.2020 extra maths activity 24h Clock

Mrs Warby's 'End of The Week Quiz' links and codes



Please follow this link to lessons for all year groups from Reception to Year 6:

While you're at home Police Message 05 05 20

Welcome to Year 3!

Our team of staff this year are:
 Miss Downey, Miss Sutton and 
 Mr Slater (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs McCarthy (HLTA) 


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If your child has sensory Special Needs, you may find the link below, useful.

Maths and English daily activities
(Updated 15/06/2020)


Each weekly pack includes a daily lesson plan and activities for you to complete. The lessons are recapping areas we have covered in school so use your knowledge of methods previously taught to help you. 


Remember to regularly check your alerts on Purple Mash as we will be continuing to set 2Dos for you to complete.

GARAGE BAND (Music) Offer

Please find below, links to two additional Garage Band tutorials by John Oates for you to use with your pupils in conjunction with the updated guide sheet which now covers the tutorials for Y3 – Y6. (See Garage Band Offer Year 3 to 6 guide sheet below). 


Garage Band: Year 5


[Garage%20Band%20Year]Garage Band Year 6:

Garage Band Y3-6 Offer

Times Tables Rock Stars Guinness  World Record Attempt


Have you got what it takes to become a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title holder? We are inviting you to attempt a Guinness World Records title by answering as many times tables questions correctly as you can in one minute.

Please find attached a letter with the rules and how you can take part!


Good Luck! smiley

Head Start English and Maths Activity Booklet

Message to Year 3

Hello Year 3, Miss Downey and Miss Sutton here!

We hope you are all well and that you are enjoying learning from home. We have both been keeping busy updating our class page every day. We know how much you love doing word of the day in school, so we’ve added a word of the day section to our website. Did any of you go on the Chester Zoo virtual tour?

We have been keeping active with Joe Wicks every morning and absolutely love his videos. It’s a great way to get set up and prepared for a good day. We both enjoyed the fabulous sunshine last week and went for walks every day. While walking we noticed lots of colourful rainbows on display in windows.  Have you put a rainbow in your window?

Last Thursday at 8 p.m. we clapped and cheered for all the nurses and doctors taking care of people in hospitals. Maybe you and your family clapped and cheered too?

Miss Sutton has tried to do some baking while being at home. She made a lemon drizzle cake and it was delicious. Have you tried a new skill at home with your family?

Miss Downey has been spending some time learning some new Makaton signs and can’t wait to show you them when we’re back in school.   

Remember that we are both thinking of you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care,

Love Miss Downey and Miss Sutton x x


We are currently reading: 

Fantastic Mr Fox

The Stone Age Boy 

How Far Would I Go? (E-book available on Active Learn)



During the Spring term, we have continued to explore a range of  stories and genres, helping us to create a variety of writing. We used out E-book, 'How Far Would I Go..." to explore and research shocking styles, though out the years. We used this to begin writing newspaper reports. We have read the books, 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and 'The Stone Age Boy', which helped us to create stories, letters, newspaper reports and recounts. We are currently focusing of poetry and beginning to write our own riddle poems. 


Learning at home

You can use Purple Mash to write your own newspaper reports, recounts, letters and stories all about what you have been doing at home. You could also create your own riddle poems and see if people can guess the noun you are describing.



We are currently learning: 

Place value of 3-digit numbers
Adding and subtracting 2/3-digit numbers (Column method)
Shape and measures
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 times tables

Maths - Learning at home

All children have access to TTRockstars, will help them to learn their times tables. Children will also be able to play a range of mathematic games on Active Learn, which will be based around the learning in class. Daily practise, telling the time, on both analogue and digital clocks, will help children with this tricky concept.  


We are currently learning about: 

Rocks and Soils

Feeding and Movement


During Spring term, we have become Earth scientists/Geologists, studying Rocks and soils, We have classified real rocks according to their properties. We investigated fossils and different types of rock formations. 

We are currently studying the topic, Feeding and Movement. We have been learning all about what nutrients our bodies need to be healthy and the importance of the different food groups. 


Science learning at home - childrens' ideas

We could keep a diary of the food we eat during the day and make suggestions on how to improve our diets. We could also use the Eat Well Plate to plan different meals which include the right amount of the different food groups. We could write up the recipes on how to make our meals and bring them into school to share with the other children/share with our family.


We are currently learning about:

The Stone Age


Our topic this term is 'The  Stone Age'. We learnt lots of interesting facts and looked, in detail, at the significant changes made to the lifestyles of humans, throughout this time period. We have studied a range of Stone Age artifacts and discussed what they have been used for. We are beginning to start looking at the Bronze age and how life was different to the Stone Age.


History - learning at home

Questions for us to try and research, to help continue our learning in this area are:


Is bronze better than stone?

How is iron made? What was it used for?

What was the impact of bronze and iron tools on the way people in Britain lived? Did it make farming easier?

Did it make life more secure? Did it make life safer?


Children could use Purple Mash to create a fact file/information leaflet/poster etc to present to the children in school with their findings. 


We are currently active in:

Diamond Cricket



During the Spring term, we have been focusing on our striking and fielding skills through Diamond Cricket. We have started to learn the skills needed to play tennis. We also complete the Oakfield Mile every day. 


We are currently learning:

 ' How important is sharing to Sikhs?' 


We are beginning to explore how Sikh beliefs affect their ways of life, and the importance they place on sharing.



We are currently learning:
British Values

During the Spring term, we have been working alongside The British Values Project, to create a drama performance about our British Values. We have focused on the Suffragette Movement and Shakespeare's Macbeth.


Our current topic is:

We are communicators 


We have been using 2Email on Purple Mash to send emails to children within our year group. We have started to learn how to write formal emails and add attachments to our emails. 


Learning at home in computing

Children can continue to use 2Email to send emails to their classmates. They can attach work they have produced on Purple Mash to show their friends. All emails sent via 2Email, will be checked and approved by Miss Downey and Miss Sutton, before they are sent to the recipient. 


Learning at home



Home Learning: Lots of links in one document - Click on the link below

A new word will be posted daily, try and complete the Word of the Day challenge. When you're writing your pieces of writing, in your writing book, highlight the Words of the Day and see how many  you can use. 

Footloose - NTV | GoNoodle (Posted 25/03/20)

Lose your blues, kick off your Sunday shoes, and cut FOOTLOOSE to this stellar song! We dance to this in school and the children love it. Have fun!

Art and Design


1 Decision Home Activity

Use this video to take some time to relax.