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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to our class page.  We would like to welcome you to year 3 and hope you will find lots of information and ideas within our class page!

Our team of staff this year are:
 Miss Downey, Miss Sutton and 
 Mr Slater (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs McCarthy (HLTA) 


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Visit and trips so far . . . 
Last term we have visited the local library and worked with the librarians to discuss and locate books and authors. The visits will continue throughout the school year. 


We have visited St Michael's Church to celebrate the harvest in October we recited a poem about Harvest and its values - It was really nice! In December we celebrated Advent with a Christingle service. The children made their own Christingles to represent Jesus as the light of the world according to Christianity. 





During this term we have looked at lots of different stories and genres. We have had a go at extracting information, writing poetry, letters, explanations and solving the age old mystery - 'Was Tutankhamen Killed?' We have also been adapting a story with a familiar setting and writing our own version. 

In the Spring term we will continue our exploration of different genres. We are currently deciding where in the world we would like to live. This involves a lot of research and study of our E-book 'Let's go to........'






We believe we can all be mathmagicians!
We will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, solving word problems, fractions and measures. We have been learning our multiplication tables and are going to continue to learn them and their corresponding division facts. By the end of Year 3 we will know all of the  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 times tables. How many do you know now? 




  Our focus last term was on 'Light and Shadows'. We behaved like scientists to apply the skills a scientist needs to successfully plan and carry out a variety of investigations (experiments) to become confident scientists ourselves!  We found out all about Light and shadows and even had a go at making our very own shadow puppets and silhouettes - it was amazing! This was followed by Magnets and Forces. The children investigated forces through a variety of games. 

This current Spring term we have become Earth scientists/Geologists, studying Rocks and soils, We have classified chocolate and real rocks according to their properties. We will be investigating fossils and different types of rock formations.  In the second half of the term we will be studying feeding and movement. 

Creative Curriculum


The Ancient Egyptians


Our topic last term was 'The  Ancient Egyptians'. We learnt lots of interesting facts and looking in detail at Ancient Egyptian artefacts and sketching our own! We even mummified a teddy bear!


Achievements of Ancient Civilisations

This term we will be briefly investigating the Indus Valley Civilisation and the Shang Dynasty.

We have began to locate where in the world the Indus Valley civilisation existed. We will be creating our own cities based on the remains of the Indus Valley before moving onto the Shang Dynasty. Our overall focus for the remainder of the term will be on Ancient Sumer. 




We have been using our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians to create a dance motif.  We have been taking on the roles of Pharoahs, slaves, scribes, soldiers and tomb builders. 


We are very fortunate to have been able to undertake swimming lessons with a qualified

instructor this year.

This Spring term we are focusing on striking and fielding skills building up to competing in our own cricket and rounders matches.   We are once again fortunate to be working with the talented staff of Widnes Vikings. 




Oakfield are fortunate to have a qualified Forest Schools Facilitator in Mr Carson. He has been working with class 11 last term and is working with Class 10 this Spring term.  The children have been creating mud masks, learnt how to safely start fires using flint, as a survival skill and exploring and investigating our forest school area. They have learnt about the variety of trees and plants in the area and how to sustain the environment for both us and other wildlife. 



This year, Year 3 have been able to participate in recorder tuition, led by a fully qualified music teacher - Mrs James. So far we have learnt to play the notes A and B. 

At the end of the Autumn term, Year 3 performed as part of the Key Stage 2 Carol concert.  They demonstrated their excellent singing skills.  All their hard work paid off!  Thank you to all that attended and supported the children.  



In Key stage 2, children are all given access to their own netbooks. In the Autumn term, Year 3 became acquainted with these.  We looked at how to access shared documents and saving to the shared drive.  We also became network engineers, finding out how the Internet is accessed in school. 

This term we are becoming programmers and looking at coding computers. We are writing our own algorithm to achieve a goal.