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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Google Meet Timetable

Week Starting: 20/07/2020


This week there will be one Google Meet session, on Tuesday 21st July at 09:30am.


Remember that there will be no sessions on Monday or Wednesday.


See you on Tuesday with your crazy hair / a hat / fancy dress for our fun family quiz!

Don't forget to invite somebody from your house smiley





Please follow this link to lessons for all year groups from Reception to Year 6:

While you're at home Police Message 05 05 20

If your child has sensory Special Needs, you may find the link below, useful.

Home Learning ideas, hints, tips and weblinks during school closure

Head Start Maths and English Learning Activity Booklets

(added to school website: 14/05/2020)


We often use Head Start resources in school, so children should be familiar with the layout and style of questions given.  It would be lovely to work through a few pages each day, allow your children to have a go independently and then work together to find the answers. (There is also an answer booklet for the adults! smiley




Your child has their own log in for the following websites:

Active Learn Primary

TT Rockstars

Phonics Play

Purple Mash


All of the above websites have activities for your child to access for reading, writing, mathematics and phonics. We often use a website called Top Marks, which has a mathematics page, and an English work page. There are activities on there that your child can access, to help keep them on top of their learning at home.


In science we have really enjoyed planting and looking at seeds and how they grow and change. In the coming weeks your child will bring home a seed that they have planted. They are to look after it to help it to grow and complete a seed diary whilst they are at home with their seed.

When we return to school, the children can bring in their plant to show us how much it has or has not grown and talk about their seed/plant diary.


Geography and History

If your child is able to, then researching the following would be great to do from home:

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria

Rosa Parks and Emily Davidson

The seven continents - animals that live there, food that is eaten, what the weather is like there etc.


Maybe your child can make a poster showing what they have found out about the topic they chose, they could make notes and bring these to school to share.


Reading and Writing


There are lots of things that you can do at home to practise reading and writing.

Why don't you keep a daily diary and write about what you have done each day at home? 

How about accessing Halton Library via the free app 'Borrow Box'.  You need to be a member of the library and use your membership number to register and you will then have access to hundreds of free books online (both audio and e-books). 

  • Practise your handwriting, use the website 'letter joins' for some lovely ideas. 
  • Write a menu for the day, what are you eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • Write a letter to your friends and ask parents / carers to send a picture of it to them, if possible.  If not, give it to them when you are back in school.  
  • Find some creative places to read your books, like in the bath or in the shed!
  • Write a story, you could think of the stories we have looked at in school (such as 'Peter Rabbit' and other Beatrix Potter stories, 'The Day The Crayons Quit' and 'Alice in Wonderland' to name a few).  These will help you to think of ideas for your own stories. 
  • Most importantly, remember that reading and writing are fun! 


Have a look at the following links for some interesting things to read and reading games: 

(added to school website: 07/05/2020)


Here is the link to a book about Coronavirus.  It is written for young children to help them understand what is going on and why it’s important to stay indoors.  There are also some fun activities on the website.

(added to school website: 07/05/2020)





We have been looking at farm animals during the spring term.  Why don't you draw some of the animals you already know how to say and write the Spanish name for them too?

The PowerPoint we have used in school for farm animals is below.  


In the summer term we will be looking at how to talk about the weather and also the names of some sea creatures, the PowerPoints are below for these too.  It would be wonderful if you had a look at them and were able to tell me about them when we are back in school.  


You can make up your own games.  Test your families on the new vocabulary, play snap, play splat, make your own flashcards with the new vocabulary, stick the words and pictures around your house on post-its.  

Science Activities and Information 

Art and Design Technology

Information and Links



Other great links and resources for home

Further online resources (added on 26.03.2020)


National Literacy Trust family zone


Coram Beanstalk - Book based games.


Animal webcams from around the UK



Film Quiz (added to school website: 26/03/2020)



Our teachers are Miss Lamb and Mrs Edwards.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Hanmer.

Mrs Lloyd and Mrs McCarthy teach in our classes every Friday.



Important Information

This term we have the Beth Tweddle gymnastics academy teaching us in P.E. every Tuesday. Please ensure that your child has a full indoor and outdoor P.E. kit, in school, at all times, and that all items are labelled.

We will read with your child as often as possible. Please ensure that your child has their book bag with them every day. Your child will be given homework on Monday and this is expected to be returned by Friday. In addition to this the children will have spellings and times tables to practise each week, for a test on Friday. 


This term we will focusing on:



Alice in Wonderland


Does chocolate grow on trees? (Non fiction book)



Multiplication, division and fractions

Addition and subtraction (column Method)

Shape & Measures.



Growing plants

Changing shape - materials



The 7 continents and the seas and oceans. 



Queen Elizabeth & Queen Victoria

Rosa Parks & Emily Davidson



Farm animals 


Sea creatures