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WB 01.06.2020 (Week 8)

Day 1 – Listening to The Sword in the Stone and then reading a version of the story. Answering questions on the text. Summarising characters and their relationships.

"King Arthur" retold by Marcia Williams, read by Ruth Merttens | Storytelling from Hamilton Trust

Join Ruth Merttens as she reads 'King Arthur, the sword in the stone' retold by Marcia Williams. The story of King Arthur, retold for children.

Day 2 – Watching an adaptation of the same story. Writing a paragraph from given stimuli. Summarising and re-telling the story.

Day 3 – Listening to and reading ‘A Good Play’, a poem by RL Stevenson. Listening to some teaching on past and present tense and then completing given exercises.

Day 4 – Listening to and reading ‘The Swing’ by RL Stevenson. Listening to teaching on the progressive form, then writing sentences using this. Writing creatively.

Day 5 – Reading Where Go the Boats by RL Stevenson. Learning about the perfect form from the teaching, and practising it. Choosing a favourite poem and memorising it.