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Speech and Language Tasks

Speech and Language Tasks

You can make all speech and language activities as active as you like, and you can make it fun. I have written a few examples to support you whilst at home, I hope it helps.

Sound production activities:

Recap speech sounds with your child (focusing on the sounds that they struggle to produce for example: k, t, g, d, s and sh).

  • Scatter pictures around the room/garden including the targeted sounds and ask your child to find a certain picture and repeat the word.
  • Put sounds around the room or garden, say a word including the sound and ask your child to jump on the correct sound whilst saying it.
  • Hide pictures around the house and ask your child to name what they find. You could make this a competition, who can find the most pictures?
  • Play snap with matching pictures including targeted sounds.

Syllable clapping games:

  • Place objects/pictures around the room and ask your child to syllable clap when they find one.
  • Play skittles. Hide pictures under skittles and ask your child to syllable clap the word when they knock the skittle on top of it down.

Subject + verb + object + location sentences 

  • You can ask your child to tell you what is happening in picture books or when watching the television. For example when reading 'The Three Little Pigs', your child might say ‘wolf (subject) blow (verb)’. You can then model the sentence back extending ‘The wolf is blowing the house down’.
  • Hide pictures around the house or garden of people/animals/characters doing different things and ask your child to tell you to find one (they love to be the teacher). Make sure your child uses the correct subject, verb, object, location sentence e.g. 'The boy is riding a bike on the road.'
  • Use ‘who’s doing what?’ questions throughout the day.


  • Give your child different objects or pictures to sort out e.g. big/small objects, different colours, teddy bears and transport toys etc.
  • Play the odd one out and say why?
  • Play same or different game. Ask you child what is the same and different about two objects or pictures.