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             Reception Remote Learning Timetable 18th January 2021


Hello Reception,


Well done for continuing to work so well. We are very proud of you and it is lovely to see you all each morning.  


Below we have attached a timetable for Class 3 (Mrs Jones) and Class 4 (Mrs Tyrer) for when you can access live teaching and when you can access your independent challenges.


Each timetable shows the time you need to login for each live session on Google Meet, using the code provided. Following each live session, work can then be found on Google Classrooms. Please ensure your child is ready for each lesson and has access to paper and pens.



Your child will also have access to 1:1 sessions in the afternoons. Please see the timetable we have put on our Google Classroom page. 


Thank-you for your support and we look forward to seeing you all! 

Mrs Jones and Mrs Tyrer 😊



Welcome to Reception!


Class teachers are: Mrs E Jones (Class 3) Mrs Tyrer (Class 4)

Teaching Assistants are: Mrs A Coneeny and Mrs C Jones. 


Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you all manged to have a lovely Christmas break.


Our topic for this half term is 'Dinosaurs'. We will be looking at  the story, 'Dear Dinosaur: T. Rex on Tour' by Chae Strathie.



In Communication, Language and Literacy we will be continuing to develop confidence in speaking and listening through stories, discussion and role-play activities. We will be developing skills in letter and word recognition, as well as securing pencil control to help us to form letters correctly using the cursive style of writing.


We will continue our phonics sessions, where we use the scheme 'Song of Sounds' and learn different letter sounds and how to begin to record these. Please see the link at the bottom of the page which is our daily phonics song! 


In Mathematics we will be developing our understanding with numbers to 10 (and beyond as appropriate). The children will count, recognise and sequence numbers to 10 and use these to solve simple problems. Measurement, shape and space will be explored through lots of exciting role play and practical activities linked to our topics and personal experiences.

In Reception we will be learning through lots of fun, play based activities which fall into the 7 areas of learning for the Early Years Foundation Stage.  These are;

  Personal, Emotional and Social Development
  Communication and Language 
Physical Development

  Understanding the World
  Expressive Arts  


(Blue indicates the Prime Areas. Red indicates the Specific Areas of learning.) 




Google Classroom 


As a school we are now using Google Classroom as an additional provision in case any child/staff member needs to self isolate. 

All children have their own email and password to log in to this. 

(This has been provided to parents on a letter which will also be used for our parents evening) 

We will be setting activities from the week and your weekly homework on Google Classroom for you to complete. Below we have attached a number of PDF documents which will explain how to log in and use Google Classroom. 


If you have any problems or concerns, please speak to a member of staff who will happily help you with this. 


If you need to self isolate please use the ideas and links below. 

                 Home Learning, from Halton Borough Council - Click on the link below - Enjoy! 



There are some great websites that you can access to support your child's home learning:


If your child has sensory Special Needs, you may find the link below, useful.


To learn all about the EYFS and the curriculum we teach please see the links below:






Phonics Song