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Welcome to Reception!


Summer Term 2019 

Welcome to our final term! 


Class teachers: Mrs E Jones (Class 4) Mrs Tyrer (Class 3)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Jones and Mrs Myers. 

In Reception we will be learning through lots of fun, play based activities which fall into the 7 areas of learning for the Early Years Foundation Stage.  These are;

  Personal, Emotional and Social Development

  Communication and Language 

Physical Development


  Understanding the World

  Expressive Arts  

Our first topic for the Summer half term is ‘Under the Sea’ and then we will move onto ‘Vehicles' after the May half term holiday.


We have a number of exciting activities planned for the children  and we will be using a variety of texts as part of our Narrative Immersion Planning. This allows children to explore and learn through new experiences and their imagination. We will use these in a 'Story Box' to capture the children's interest and engage them with different stories and topics.  


For our 'Under the Sea' topic we will be focusing on the a variety of different authors. We will be reading a selection of under the sea stories. Below are a few of these:





In Communication, Language and Literacy we will be developing confidence in speaking and listening through stories, discussion and role-play activities. We will be developing skills in letter and word recognition, as well as continuing to develop pencil control and the correct formation of letters using the cursive style of writing.


In Mathematics we will be securing our understanding of numbers to 10 and continuing to look at numbers to 20. The children will use numbers to 10 to look at addition and subtraction problems. Measurement, shape and space will be explored through lots of exciting role play and practical activities linked to our topics and personal experiences.


Our focus on the topic of ‘Under the Sea’ will include a visit to Sealife Manchester. We will explore different texts and use this to describe characters and retell stories. We will also look at facts about different sea creatures and where they live. 


We will continue to learn about parts of the computer and how to use computers and programs. As part of Creative Development we undertake lots of art and music activities. We will make under the sea pictures using pastels and water paints and experiment with the instruments to create new sounds. 

Important Information
We have P.E. on a Thursday. Please ensure your child has a full indoor and outdoor P.E. kit and that all items are labelled.
We will read with your child as often as possible. Please ensure your child has their book bag with them each and every day.

Please put names on all belongings to prevent them from getting muddled up and getting lost.


In Reception, we play outside daily and in all weather, so we ask that you provide your child with the appropriate outdoor clothing and suitable footwear.


Please feel free to come and speak with any of us in Reception about anything you need. We look forward to working with you and your child this term.