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Emotion Coaching Certification

We teach PHSE through the SEALS programme.

Awareness Month January 2019

 Throughout January we are holding an awareness month to improve awareness of several current topics in the news and  that may cause anxiety and stress for children. Along with highlighting some of the more familiar topics. such as healthy eating, bullying, internet safety,to name just a few.


The children will be having circle time every day  to fit in with the theme of the week and/or a session or activity to follow up the work. Along with cross curricular work where appropriate. At the end of the month we will be holding a whole school  celebration assembly so each class can share what they have learnt in the awareness month. There will also be a whole school display in the corridor leading to the key stage 2 hall to show off work undertaken in the month.



Autumn Term

This term Year 6 have undertaken the  Amy Wine House programme. This 6wk block covered a variety of topics from using abusive substances, bullying and mental Health.


NSPCC-Have been into talk to the whole school about Speaking Out and Staying Safe.   Along with delivering workshops for some classes.


Welcome to our PHSE page

At Oakfield we value all children and their families and PHSE is an integral part of our day.  We have high expectations of all our children and we encourage good manners at lunch times by having a rolling powerpoint of the lunchtime expectations.   We encourage all staff and children to be respectful to each other, share their views and opinions and we have regular assemblies and lessons on  different cultures, good to be me, inclusion and staying safe.


All classes have circle time on Thursday morning,  where any issues can be discussed and addressed. Along with weekly PHSE lessons. At present we are  following the SEAL's programme  of study from Yr.1-Yr.6. Nursery and Reception use the Early Outcomes. However,we are currently  looking into whether this is still appropriate and relevant for our pupils.