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Well it’s been a funny old year, 2020, but we’ve still managed to cram lots of musical fun into it – despite the obvious disruptions!


We’ve been lucky again to have a number of FANTASTIC, specialist music tutors come in to teach our Key Stage Two children.  Year 4 have been learning guitar, and Year 5 have formed a Brass/Woodwind band, picking up a variety of instruments including the trumpet, flute, saxophone, clarinet and baritone.  Unfortunately, due to school closures, year 6 missed out on their opportunity to do their African Drumming course – but we have rebooked for next year and can’t wait to see what it brings!


In addition, our children have had the opportunity to continue learning the instrument of their choice in our RePlay bands during lunch and after school, for guitar, brass and woodwind.  Some of these children have completed examinations and gone on to perform with local bands and groups such a Rising Stars.  Well done to all of those children – you make our school proud! It is also wonderful to see so many familiar faces at HWMSS events such as Play Days (which we attend twice a year with year 5 and 6), showing that music education at Oakfield sets our former pupils up for their musical education beyond our gates!


Year 3 blazed a new trail for Oakfield, by taking part in the first ever British Values Performing Arts Project.  This involved Class 11 composing a class piece of music, and both classes creating a piece of drama to compliment it.  Class 10 we due to devise a dance to complete the performance but were thwarted by schools closures.  Again, we have rebooked this project for 2020-21 and can’t wait to get started. For a taster of Year 3’s fabulous work, see the clips below.


Thank you to all the children who have taken part in lessons and events, and to all of the teachers who have attended and supported these events. And of course – a big thank you to the parents who support us and take us to performances, pick us up from clubs and listen to us practise! Without your support, a lot of this would not be possible. It’s been a crazy year this year, no doubt there are exciting things to come as we approach 2020-21!

Year 3 - British Values Accents Arts Sessions- Autumn 2019


Miss Pankhurst reports that Year 3 have been an absolute joy to work with on Wednesday mornings this term. The children have worked really hard and have been engaged with every project - Miss Pankhurst was so impressed with your efforts, year 3!!!


Here is a link to everything year 3 have been doing in their British Values Music sessions with Miss Pankhurst:


There are recordings, images of the childrens' ideas, and scores of the finished work in this folder. 

Soundstart Performance 2019

Our Year 5s celebrate a year of learning their brass and woodwind instruments in style! Big thanks to Paul McGhee and Lucy Pankhurst (our FANTASTIC tutors from HWMSS) for teaching us and sharing this file!

New Curriculum for Music 2014