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Modern Foreign Languages


Bienvenido / Bienvenue to Oakfield’s Modern Foreign Language (French and Spanish)
curriculum page.

Here you will find information about our scheme of work, our policy and our long term plan for language learning.


We like to support our children in learning both French (KS2) and Spanish (KS1) in lots of fun ways!  There are lots of great websites, blogs, videos and songs that can be found easily online. 

There are some options listed below for each language. 



New Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages


Here are a few Spanish apps for young learners.  Through our phones or tablets, we can bring native speakers and Spanish resources right into our homes.


Spanish School Bus App was created by a Spanish teacher to teach Spanish through vocabulary games and music. Inspired by her Montessori-based approach, the images in this Spanish app are really nice and the activities both show and say the words. The free version includes numbers, colours, and shapes, as well as some songs.


DuoLingo for Kids was just recently rolled out from the popular language app DuoLingo. Through games, kids can learn whole phrases and sentences in Spanish. Though access is currently limited to iOS systems, it’s one of the only Spanish apps for kids that is fairly comprehensive and free. For older kids (10+), the regular DuoLingo can be helpful for extra practice as well. Just be aware that there are some terms about alcohol, flirting, etc, and should be used under supervision.


Fun Spanish by Study Cat offers games that teach listening, speaking, spelling, useful vocabulary and simple sentences, while introducing 200 basic words. The free version includes colours and animals, while the paid version includes additional themes like the house, school, numbers, food, vehicles, actions and more.


Gus on the Go is great for young children who want a simple app for learning some new vocabulary words in Spanish.  There are 30 languages to choose from but for Spanish you’ll be able to get an intro to topics like colours, numbers, animals, and more.