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Modern Foreign Languages

New Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages


Bienvenue / Bienvenido to Oakfield’s Modern Foreign Language (French and Spanish) curriculum page.

Here you will find information about our scheme of work, our policy, and our long term plan for language learning.


We like to support our children in learning both French (KS2) and Spanish (KS1) in lots of fun ways!  There are lots of great websites, blogs, videos and songs listed below for you to explore…some might even be cropping up in our lessons!


If you've got a tablet and like APPs, then you can have loads of fun with languages!  Some of our (free) favourites are:


Yakit - For Kids and Morfo - be any character you want to be.

Sock Puppets - create your own plays in French.

Google Earth Street View - take a wander down a street in Paris, or take a look at a real Spanish school.  Can you find some other countries that speak Spanish or French? Apart from France and Spain!


...and of course Learn French and French For Kids are good for the sensible types who also want to brush up on their vocabulary!