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Mathematics Raising Attainment Plan 2021 2022

Mathematics WHOLE SCHOOL Long Term Plan (LTP) 2021 2022

New Curriculum for Mathematics 2014

Year 2 - Alice in Wonderland Mathematics morning 

Year 2 have been looking at Alice in Wonderland this term. During World Book Day they all took part in a maths morning. The morning consisted of a variety of different mathematics activities linked to the story of Alice in Wonderland. We had lots of fun!

Year 2 - Maths morning

Maths is FUN!
Creative math's days
In March, Children took part in creative math's activities visiting lots of classes and teachers around the school. Children carried out and completed lots of practical math's activities emphasising the importance of math's and how we use it (mostly without thinking we are using it) every day. Children planned parties, visited the juice bar where they created exciting cocktails, played football with Rory Monster, worked out how much it would cost to keep a pet and many many more.
All children had a great time and agreed that MATH'S IS FUN!