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Design and Technology

We follow the KAPOW scheme of work at Oakfield School. This scheme of work is exciting, engaging and ensures progression throughout each topic. Each topic is designed to allow the children to problem solve, take risks and enjoy their design and technology lessons. Each lesson links to the National Curriculum objectives and builds in key vocabulary!


There are five areas of Design and Technology:

- Structures

- Mechanisms 

Cooking and Nutrition 

- Textiles 

- Electrical Systems (KS2 only)

- Digital world (Upper KS2 only)


We can't wait to share some of the children's work on our website!

2021-2022 Design and Technology and Art Long Term Plan

Year 1 - Mechanism 

(making a moving story book)

We explored, designed and made a moving story book. We looked at sliders and leavers and made our own moving story book using our design. Afterwards we evaluated our work and decided what went well and what we would change next time. 

Year 2 - Cooking and Nutrition 

As part of their cooking a nutrition lessons, Year 2 made wraps. The children explored a healthy balanced diet, they designed healthy wraps, made them and evaluated their work. 

We enjoyed making our wraps:

We evaluated our wraps

Design and Technology Policy 2020-2021

Art and Design and Technology - Whole School Long Term Plan

Home Learning Ideas


Cooking and Nutrition - Get your child involved with cooking and baking. Allow them to measure out ingredients and discuss different healthy and unhealthy foods. Discuss where food comes from etc.


Structures - Design and build structures with junk modelling resources, for example a house. Discuss the different materials and their properties. 


Textiles - Allow your child to help you sew and make something out of fabric together. For example make a piece of clothing for a toy.


You can find some more examples on the following website:


You can also find a KS1 and KS2 school closure free topic at 


Design and Technology 2019


Fun Food Chef 2018


All of the children took part in a Fun Food Session. The children made food from different countries linked to their current topics.

Fun Food Chef - Class 5

Fun Food Chef - Class 7

Fun Food Chef - Class 8