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Message 5 (added to website 20.5.20)

Hi Class 9,


How are you all? I hope you're all well, working hard and enjoying some of the lovely weather. 

I just wanted to write a message to keep you update with what I have been up to and to let you know that I miss you all very much.


I have still been doing lots of exercise whilst I have been at home and I have been making lots of delicious food. I have been challenging myself to make meals that I have never made before. I have made some mistakes along the way but I kept trying and eventually overcome the challenge. Remember what we say in our class 'practice makes perfect'.


I have still been working whilst I'm at home. I have been planning some exciting and interesting tasks for you to do whilst you are at home. Remember to keep checking the website every week to check what your tasks are. I am looking forward to seeing the work that you have completed. Remember to keep it all, to share with our class when we return to school. 


We had a little visitor in our garden over the weekend, a baby chick! We did some research about the chick to see how we could help it. It turns out that the chick had left the nest to learn how to fly. We kept an eye on it over a couple of days and made sure that it was safe. The chick's mum kept returning to feed it and check that it was well. We watched for a few days, and each day it was getting stronger and could fly a little higher. We could hear it calling for its mum, who would return and call back to it. It was amazing! On Monday, the chick and its mum were no longer in our garden, they must have flew off together. You can see the chick in the pictures below. 


I will write to you again soon, stay safe and take care.


Love Mrs Humphreys x




Baby Chick

Message 4 (added to website 4.5.20)


Hi Class 9, 


I hope you're all safe and well and that you are continuing to work as hard as ever, whilst at home. 

I have been doing different activities over the past two weeks including baking, cooking, exercising, completing jigsaws and taking part in virtual quizzes. I made a delicious cheesecake last week, which you can see below. 

Have you been completing the tasks that I have set for you? Remember to keep any work that you have completed at home, to share with me when we return to school. 

I miss you all very much and I am always thinking of you all. 


Take care and stay safe. 

Mrs Humphreys 

My cheesecake!

Message 3

Hi Class 9, Mrs Humphreys here. (added to the website 20.4.20)


I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and spent some quality time with your family!


Over the Easter holiday, I spent lots of time in my garden, in the sunshine. I have been doing lots of exercise, whilst the sun has been shining and doing some work outside in the garden. 

I have enjoyed eating some delicious chocolate over the Eater break, have you?

Did you complete any of the Easter activities, that I put on our class page? If you did, keep them and bring them to school when we return. 

I have been video calling my family to stay in touch, and I have been setting up a quiz each weekend for my family to complete, this has been fun! Every Thursday, my family and I, have been going to our front door and clapping and cheering for the amazing work the NHS and the key workers are doing for us, have you? 


Have you done any different activities with your family, whilst at home? I can't wait to hear all about what you have been getting up. 


I hope you have been able to complete some activities and task that I have set for you, whist at home.


I am missing you all and I cannot wait to see you all when we are back at school.


Stay safe, be good and work hard. 

Love Mrs Humphreys xx

Message 2

Hello Class 9, Mrs Humphreys here. (added to website 7.4.20)


I hope you're all safe and well. 


I am looking forward to hearing all about what you have been up to whilst you have been off. I hope you're working hard and having lots of fun with your family at home.


I have been doing lots of baking this week, making some raspberry buns, cookies and chocolate brownies. I have been working, cleaning, gardening and exercising too. 


As it is Easter this weekend, I have added some Easter themed activities you can do at home.


Stay safe, be good and take care. 


Mrs Humphreys x

Message 1

Hello Class 9, Mrs Humphreys here. (added to website 29.3.20)

I am just writing to let you know that I am thinking about you all. I hope you’re all making the most of your time at home with your families and keeping busy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather and have been able to spend some time outside in your garden. I have been doing daily exercise, starting with Joe Wicks in the morning and a walk in the evening. Millie (my dog), has been trying to get involved with our exercises and is enjoying having us all at home and getting extra strokes. It was my birthday on Tuesday, so we (just me and my husband), had a little party in our house and ate lots of delicious food.

I have also been doing some work and planning some exciting lessons for when school is open again. I hope you have been continuing your learning and doing some exciting lessons at home with your families. I have been adding resources and activities to our class page and I hope you’re enjoying the different activities and resources.

I will update you next week and let you know what I have been up to. I am looking forward to hearing all about what you have all been doing.

Remember that I am thinking of you all and I am looking forward to seeing you all when we’re back in school.

Take care of each other, have fun and keep learning.

Mrs Humphreys