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Class 9

Anchor Education 

Today, the children took part in a spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) creative lesson with anchor education. The children looked at lots of SPaG and phonics songs, which help them to learn different rules. We will be looking at the anchor education songs in our lessons and using them to help us with our work.


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 Welcome to Class 9 Key Stage 1 Resource Base

Class teacher: Mrs Humphreys

Teaching assistant: Mrs McCormick



We would like to say a big hello to our new children who are joining us from surrounding schools, we hope you settle in well.


In Class 9, lessons are built around children's individual speech and language plans.

Spring 2020


Welcome back, we hope you've had a great Christmas holiday. 


This term we will be looking at dinosaurs and learning will be based around this topic. 


Reception: The children will follow a play based curriculum based around our dinosaur topic. The children will complete lessons that link to our topic and the seven areas of learning in the foundation stage. 

Year 1/2: This term the children will complete work based on a variety of fiction and non fiction books based on dinosaurs. The children will look at living things and materials in science and they will look at the history of dinosaurs.

Autumn 2019

The children have settled  well  into  the dual school placement and are now more familiar with the Resource Base routines and boundaries.


This term the children have enjoyed looking at 'Funnybones' and a range of fiction story books based around animals. The children have enjoyed cross curricular activities and have enjoyed learning about the different seasons. The children have taken part in lots of different speech and language activities.

Reception: The children in reception have enjoyed learning through play and taking part in a variety of lessons linked to our topics.

Year 1/2: The children in year 1 and 2 have enjoyed looking at our topics and completing different tasks based around them.


Monday and Tuesday: 

The children are enjoying participating in phonics, English, maths and topic lessons. They have been undertaking lots of S&L interventions to further develop their language skills. We are working on extending sentences by putting the words on our fingers and counting how many words there  are in our sentence. We have a class challenge to see who can make the longest sentence each day. We have also been focusing on producing sounds correctly in words. 


Thursday and Friday:

The children are enjoying a play based curriculum that teaches children individual skills within their play. Along with developing  social  and emotional skills including sharing, turn taking and using our words to express our feelings and need to others.The children have also been looking at following 1-4 step instructions (based on ability) and developing subject, verb, object, location sentences.

Both classes will be  using makaton and lots of visuals to support their learning throughout the year!