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Autumn Term

Autumn 2021


All learning is based around speech and language and will be planned, linked to your child’s individual speech and language targets. The children will have daily 1:1 speech and language sessions, following targets from their speech and language care plans. The children will also undertake a variety of speech and language interventions to further develop their speech and language skills.


Monday and Tuesday:

Lessons will be built around different topics each term, with links to narratives to engage the children. Our overall topics for autumn term are all about me, Funnybones, animals, seasons, the weather and celebrations. Learning will be cross curriculum and in addition to meeting your child’s speech and language targets, it will also meet National Curriculum outcomes.


Thursday and Friday:

We will be planning topics based around The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and some National Curriculum objectives (depending on individual children’s ability). Please find below a brief overview of the curriculum coverage. I hope that you will find this helpful when talking with your child at home. Our overall topics for the autumn term are ourselves and our families, Funnybones, animals, the weather, seasons and celebrations.


 The children will also we looking at their speech and language targets with links to the topics above. A few of the speech and language targets we will be focusing on are developing our expressive language, forming subject, verb, object, location sentences, sound production and pronunciation, turn taking skills, listening and attention skills, sequencing, syllable clapping and categorising. 


We are excited to welcome your children back into school!