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School council 2012 -2013

School council 2012 -2013

Hello everyone and welcome to the school council page on our website.
The school council are already busy this year with lots of new and exciting things. All the schools in Halton were given a challenge back in September and, as you all know, the children at Oakfield are always up for a challenge!  We were asked to collect shoes for an orphanage in a country called Moldovia, the children there were very poor and went around barefoot. Our challenge was to collect 29 pairs of shoes, which was the number of gold medals won by Britain in the Olympics. Well, we responded brilliantly and managed to collect over 50 pairs of shoes, which are now on their way to Moldovia. We would like to say thank you to all children and grown ups who helped us with this, it is very much appreciated.

Also this term, the school council members are on a mission to find out what everyone's favourite dinner is. When we have collated the results, the kitchen staff have very kindly offered to make our favourite dinner once every month. Yummy,can't wait for that! 

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to all members of last year's school council, who did a brilliant job.Their efforts and campaigning played a great part in establishing the 'trim trail' which is now being used by all children in the school.

Please remember that the school council is there for all children in the school, and that your class school councillor will be happy to listen to, and take notice of anything you say that will make our school an even better place to be part of.

Picture 1 Emily Y6 councillor
Picture 2 Paddy Y4 councillor
Picture 3 Sadie Y5 councillor
Picture 4 Kelsie Y5 councillor
Picture 5 Alicia Y3 councillor
Picture 6 Holly Y2 councillor
Picture 7 Lilli Sue Y2 councillor
Picture 8 Fleur Y4 councillor
Picture 9 Cerys Y6 councillor
Picture 10 Megan Y5 councillor